Wilma & Rose namesakes

Wilma & Rose wants to Elevate Your Gifting! Named to honor my dear grandmothers, these two women did not meet until their children married and had many things in common, including sharing a birthday, a love of family, and football! 

Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, we have a passion for helping you find the perfect gift! Wilma & Rose offers a variety of services that not only saves you time but helps you to

"Elevate Your Gifting."

With carefully Curated Gift Boxes, we take the time to source items from boutiques and markets to find fabulous products you won't find in your typical box store. With pieces tailored to fit a variety of tastes and budgets, our gift boxes are sure to delight!

Showing appreciation to employees and clients is a wonderful way to deepen and expand those relationships and we offer a variety of Corporate Gifting solutions meant to let them know you care

Personal Shopping is an option for the person who hates to shop but knows the types of gifts their recipients want to receive. You fill out a brief client profile, and from there, we take the driver's seat selecting a variety of items for you to choose the perfect gift. Gift wrap, handwritten note, and local delivery are all included!

With our one of a kind Gift Experiences, let us help you plan a relaxing spa day, a gourmet meal prepared by chefs in your home, or an out of this world engagement they'll never forget. We take care of all of the particulars and you sit back and enjoy the moment.

DeAnna Williams Wilma and Rose Owner

DeAnna Williams, owner/founder of Wilma & Rose

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